1970 film: "Military Etiquette and Grooming For Women in the Army"

This crazy, groovy flick from the US Army was made in 1970 and features a Army Captain giving great fashion advice to a young soldier.

Army Captain: Say, that's a beautiful dress. Where did you get it?

Soldier: Where did I? Oh… I, uh, bought it at Lorman's last Thursday.

Army Captain: You know, I wish I could wear one of those. They're really cute, but… well, I guess they're a little young for me.

Soldier: But I thought, that, well, you didn't dig — oh, excuse me ma'am, that you didn't like miniskirts and clothes like that.

Army Captain: No, now that's not exactly right. We do have certain ideas about how you should look in your uniform… and I guess sometimes we do express these feelings rather strongly. How you dress in your off-duty hours is another matter… Now we do expect a girl to show good taste… but that shouldn't keep you from expressing your own individuality… take miniskirts, I think they're great, and you look good in them…

If you aren't in the mood to watch all 20 minutes, here's the 3 minute highlights reel: