Batman symbol fidget spinner cast from brass bullet casings

There's some remarkable craftsmanship at work in this step-by-step video of making a large brass fidget spinner shaped like the Batman logo. The best part is they are giving it away to a viewer.

The freehand drawing, the smelting, the making of the cast, the burnishing, and the incredibly tight tolerances of the spinners themselves all make this a real treat to watch.

In this video I'm making a Batman Fidget Spinner from empty bullet shells which I bought from a local shooting range in Antwerp (Belgium). The holes for the bearings were drilled a tiny bit smaller then the bearings themself, so in order to make them fit i had to put them in liquid nitrogen to shrink them. Once they warmed up again they locked themself in to place. For this spinner I used other/better bearings to make sure the spinner will spin a lot longer then our previous Fidget Spinner. The Spinner is also bigger then a normal spinner, but it's not meant to be spinned in 1 hand. It's more meant as a collectors item. It weighs 1.3kg or 2.9lbs. This time i used liquid nitrogen to cool the logo…. Why? Just because you guys asked! :) I spend 4 entire days to complete this project.

Casting Brass Batman Fidget Spinner from Bullet Shells (YouTube / PressTube)