The CIA's east-coast and west-coast bureaux had long-running rivalries over Champagne

Michael from Muckrock writes, "The 'friendly' rivalry between America's East and West Coasts extends from hip-hop feuds to pizza bagels, and recently unearthed memos regarding California champagne from the CIA's declassified archive shows that even the Agency isn't immune."

The first memo, dated from January 1952, is from the Agency's historical section, seeking clarification regarding a report either missing or still buried in CREST.

Namely, what kind of champagne did ██████ bathe in and was it possible that it was filthy West Coast swill?

A memo in response dated a few days later apparently took the slight in stride, and acknowledged that yes, the champagne was likely Californian …

Confidential champagne memos expose CIA's East Coast-West Coast beef