Gentleman smokes 75-year-old cigarette from military rations

Military ration historian Steve1989 cracked open a real gem: a 1942 World War II K Ration by Doughboy Mills, which contained a package of Chelsea cigarettes.

Describing it as "surprisingly edible," Steve carefully opens the remarkably well-preserved packaging, where he finds a small pack of Chelsea cigarettes.

Due to a corrupt file, some of the video was nearly lost: "I decided to not re-shoot the cigarette scene because such a fine & rare experience should not be overly indulged. The other three are re hydrating in a humidor with a few others from previous rations."

1943 US Army Field Ration K Dinner Unit WW2 MRE Review Oldest Eaten & Cigarette Smoked Taste Test (YouTube / Steve1989 MREinfo)