Blackout curtains perforated with nighttime scenes

HoleRole created some nice blackout curtains using an age-old design trick: perforating them with patterns, in this case cities at night. Choose from London, New York, or night sky.

It reminds me of Anke Weiss's cool lamps made by perforating commercial packaging, then inserting a light. It's also similar to ornate perforated lampshades, which cast delightful patterns on walls and ceilings:

Via HoleRole:

Once you roll it out and the room becomes involved into pleasant half-light, and outside the window appears a beautiful view of the night city or the night sky. The illusion is created by holes in the fabric. Besides the views of the city, roller blinds cast beautiful shadow upon the room and the objects in it. At night "HoleRoll" blinds have the opposite effect, you can see from the outside the shining city skyline or the starry sky.

HoleRole (via Laughing Squid)