These amazing dunk videos shot inside Target stores are total jaw-droppers

"Hey, let's go to Target." "Why?"

19 year-old Dexton Crutchfield brings the magic in this incredible dunk video, shot inside a Target store without permission as we understand it. This isn't a viral ad or anything.

From IMGURian Silliosophical:

So I have a little more info about the jumper. He's 19 year-old Dexton Crutchfield. He's 5'9. His friend in this clip is 6'2. I stumbled upon him on Instagram (@dexton4).

He has plenty of outside dunking videos that are impressive. The Target ones, however, are still my favorite. It does appear that they went to Target specifically to film this. Better lighting, high ceilings, and good-traction on the floors are the guesses that came out yesterday. We may never really know why.

"Hey, let's go to Target." "Why?"