Kickstarting a replica of the original Pioneer Plaque, manufactured by the original craftsman

You know what would go great with your Voyager Golden Record? A replica of the "galactic greeting card" plaque that rode along with the Pioneer 10 and 11 probes, designed by Frank Drake and Carl Sagan with artwork prepared by Linda Salzman Sagan.

$400 will get you one of 200 replicas "manually engraved from the master craftsman's original 1972 design" while $99 will get you "a laser-etched aluminum edition." The $400 ones are fabricated by Ponciano Barbosa, who made the original plaques.

The project is run by Duane King, whose website lists a long roster of clients for whom he has delivered (unspecified) work, suggesting that he can deliver things he promises, which bodes well for the crowdfunder, but as always, caveat emptor.

The world could use a little more hope—and the Pioneer plaque is gold-anodized optimism. So, in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the launch of Pioneer 10, I have decided to create a historically accurate reproduction of the plaque.

Through this campaign, I will offer 200 plaque replicas, each manually engraved from the master craftsman's original 1972 design. I've emphasized every detail in order to create the most accurate, quality replicas ever made.

I want the plaque to reach everyone who shares my passion for the Pioneer missions. That's why I'm also reissuing a laser-etched aluminum edition.

The laser-etched aluminum reissue maintains the same beautiful design, so that everyone can enjoy this symbol of hope and curiosity: a piece of history of your very own.

Both the replica and reissue plaques will come wrapped in a beautiful tissue paper made from blueprints of Pioneer 10.

Each plaque will also be delivered in a gorgeous paper case foil-stamped with the golden Pioneer diagram on the exterior along with the launch dates and locations of Pioneer 10 and 11 on the interior. For the replicas, I will also be including cancelled Pioneer Jupiter stamps within each package. Overall, the packaging is perfect for either storage or display.

Pioneer Plaque: A Message from Earth [Duane King/Kickstarter]

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