Get a 'crash course' in coding with this programming bundle

Learning to code is a perfect way to grow your technical sophistication, and open up a host of new career options. But since most "learn to code" initiatives focus heavily on web development, it can be tough to find good resources for general-purpose computer science outside of a 4-year degree program. To get a broad overview of programming topics in a variety of widely-used languages, take a look at the Crash Course Coding Bundle, offered in our Boing Boing store.

You'll get familiar with low-level systems by learning how to write code for internet-of-things devices, as well as high-level language features offered in languages like Python and Java.This bundle includes the following courses:

  • Fundamentals of Operating Systems
  • C Programming Part 1 and 2
  • Java 8 Part 1
  • Java 8 Part 2
  • Perl Programming 1 and 2
  • Python Programming Essentials
  • Advanced Python Programming
  • IoT Programming

With unlimited access to over 60 hours of instructional content, you can pick up new programming skills at your own pace. Usually $2950, you can get this Crash Course Coding Bundle for 98% off—just $39.