Trump lost the 'alpha male handshake' game on his global charm offensive tour. Sad!

Sometimes you win the super macho handshake power move game. Sometimes you lose.

U.S. President and noted buffoon Donald Trump likes to play a manly-man mind game on the bros he shakes hands with.

He yanks their arms and shakes them aggressively, and won't let them let go until he's shaken them up for an awkwardly long time.

Sometimes he pulls them toward himself, knocking them off balance, because they're sissy-boys and he's a manly-man.

Welp, Trump's bush league domination moves didn't work on the president of Tajikistan.

More of Trump's most awkward handshake moments, below. You know it's bad when there are weeble-wobble stop-motion animations of it.

[Thanks, David Waters!]