TSA to require some electronics out of bags at 10 U.S. airports starting Memorial Day weekend

The TSA will be testing out expanded screening for carry-on electronics larger than a phone and certain food items at selected airports around the country. The new rules come just two days after a major terrorist attack in Manchester, UK, and stepped-up security in response.

The TSA says they're "testing security screening procedures for carry-on bags at 10 U.S. airports" only, and "There are no changes to nationwide procedures."

The Transportation Security Administration began testing the new procedures a year ago at four airports, then added six more, including LAX, Boston Logan, and Detroit. The goal, says TSA, is to reduce

Some travelers will be required to remove from their carry-on bags any electronics larger than a cellphone, and certain food items. These items have to go in bins, to be screened separately. If travelers refuse to comply, their bag may be opened for a manual inspection.

Looks like the TSA is disputing some of the early coverage from ABC News.

From ABC News:

The agency does not believe the changes will create longer lines. The TSA claims its testing indicates the time lost while passengers remove items from their bags is made up because fewer items confuse the X-ray machine, allowing scans to run faster and reducing the number of manual bag checks.

The TSA will also be testing a machine that verifies travelers' forms of identification, rather than having an officer manually study passports and driver's licenses. Travelers will walk up to the machine, hand their ID to an officer, who will scan its barcode, and the machine will populate the traveler's information; a boarding pass is not required. The machines will be tested in the Pre-Check lane at four airports beginning this week.

Unfortunately, going nude, like this dude, won't work.

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