Soothing footage of wax seals being sealed

On her Instagram Moyagraphy, professional calligrapher Moya posts photos and videos of her gorgeous handwriting skills. But what I'm really obsessed with are her videos of wax seals being sealed. They're both soothing and fascinating to watch.

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Things We Have Learned Today: • watercolour ink doesn't mix with sealing wax • watercolour ink spits when it boils • don't try this at home 😂😂😂 • just mix different wax colours instead • it's prettier anyway. . I don't know if I talked about this M before! Like the square one, this is also a @heypenman design and you can buy it at @blackmarketintl. Which I did! None of these posts are sponsored. I don't think anyone would pay anyone to talk about stupid decisions with ink and wax 😂😂 I just do this stuff to give my hands a break from calligraphy. . . . #waxseal #waxstamp #mixingcolors #osmer #gold #pen #sealingwax #calligraphy #satisfying #rainydays #lovemyjob

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You can find more videos on Moya's Instagram and learn more about her work and/or order her calligraphy services on her website.