Watch this artist assemble her gorgeous papercraft portraits

Yulia Brodskaya (previously) creates beautiful textured portraits by tightly folding and quilling colorful paper and affixing it upright on a flat surface. Here's a timelapse of her piece Girl with peacock earrings.

From her site:

These paper artworks can take from a couple of days to couple of weeks or even longer – it all depends on the level of detail, size and design complexity; there are hardly any short-cuts – if you want to create something beautiful and intricate you have to spend long hours working on the piece. When I work on a large and intricate artwork (such as portraits) I try to distract myself with audiobooks, music, films on the background – anything that will stop me thinking the thought that should be avoided at all times, for instance: 'I can't see the end of it', 'it is going so slow' and all the possible variations of it. So when I'am asked 'how long did it take exactly', my answers is often 'LUCKILY I don't know'. Having said that, in all these years I never missed a deadline when working on commercial projects.

Bonus video: Jade, done in the same style:

Learn more and see other great commissioned works on her site an on her Instagram.

Girl with peacock earrings (YouTube / ArtYulia)