A multitool that's also a belt-buckle

SOG's $60 Sync II "wearable belt buckle" multitool isn't the only multitool/buckle on the market, but it does add a couple very sensible innovations, like a clip-on/clip-off base that lets you use your tool without taking off your belt, and a squared-off form factor (like a pair of folding travel sewing scissors) that adapts the folded tool for the buckle form-factor.

I spent a couple years as Wired's de facto multitool critic — pre-9/11, when you could be a frequent traveler and a multitool owner without undue hassle — and SOG consistently made fantastic tools.

The SOG Sync II is a rather interestingly designed multi-tool that doesn't try to be as compact as possible, but rather as conveniently compact as possible. Designed to fold into a small rectangle that can then be retro-snapped onto your belt buckle, the SOG Sync II comes with 12 tools (pliers, scissors, screw-drivers and blades to name a few), a solid Stainless Steel construction, and a lifetime warranty. It comes with a base that can be fitted onto most existing belts or even onto backpacks, with the multi-tool snapping perfectly into place and releasing at the press of a button, just when you need to look like an absolute DIY pro!

SOG Sync II Multi-Tool | Wearable Belt Buckle/Clippable Base, 12 Tools [SOG]

[Sarang Sheth/Yanko Design]