America's leading nickname for crystal meth is "Donald Trump"

Looking to score some rock? Be sure to ask for "Trump" (also acceptable: "Agent Orange," "Cheeto-in-Chief," "Mango Mussolini," or "Putin's Puppet").

The study found that "Trump" and "Donald Trump" topped the list of most common celebrity code names for meth. In other words, people looking to score some crystal offline or over social media may reference the president's full name or surname, rather than use slang terms like ice or chalk, in order to evade police detection, says Logan Freedman, a data scientist at and one of the researchers behind the study.

Study: 'Donald Trump' Tops List of New Meth Nicknames
[Annamarya Scaccia/Rolling Stone]

(Image: Radspunk, CC-BY-SA; Trump's Hair)