Audi's top-of-the-line models implicated in Dieselgate

The hits keep on coming for Volkswagen, whose crimes have not yet been fully detailed, it seems. The EPA discovered Dieselgate emissions-cheating software in 2015, and then a German team found more in 2016, and now, a year later, the German Transport Ministry is recalling 24,000 Audi A7 and A8s for the same reason.

The A8 is Audi's top-of-the-line saloon car, and despite VW's insistence that its cheat software doesn't violate EU law, the ministry has given the company until June 12 to form "a comprehensive plan to refit the cars."

When Audi's headquarters were raided by prosecutors on March 15 in connection with the emissions fraud, Chief Executive Rupert Stadler said investigations into the scandal were far from over, promising to keep at it until the work was done.

A source close to Audi said problems in the interaction between transmission and engine control units are to blame for the emissions overshoot. A proposal for a fix has already been submitted to the KBA, the source said, declining to elaborate.

Audi emissions scandal erupts after Germany says it detects new cheating
[Andreas Cremer, Markus Wacket and Jan Schwartz/Reuters]

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