3D printed fidget-spinner that's also a zoetrope

Jonathan Odom — aka Jon-a-Tron — worked out that the fidget-spinner fad has created a world where we're all holding spinny things all the time, and that means we could all be holding amazing, awesome zoetropes!

In a great Instructables file, Odom combines Eadweard Muybridge's classic 19th century photographic study of a cat's motion with a 3D printed spinner to wonderful effect.

You can 3D print and make your own, or get a readymade from him for $45.

It's already spinning, why not add an animation? Now you can be distracted by a cat video while you get out that nervous energy. It's a simple design: two wheels, two bearings, two caps for your thumb and forefinger, and a drum with slits in it press-fit together.

Zoetrope Fidget Spinner [JON-A-TRON/Instructables]

(via Geekologie)