LED eyelashes coming to a dance floor near you

Hackster.io went to the Maker Faire in the East Bay, where they found Tien Pham sporting his latest creation: F.Lashes, interactive LED false eyelashes.

Via Hackster.io:

As its name would suggest, F.Lashes are lightweight, interactive false LED eyelashes with various modes that can be changed at the press of a button: scroll, dance, and sparkle. Currently, the rave-ready accessory comes in pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow, and green, though more colors are likely in the future. F.Lashes can be applied using normal eyelash glue. Thin yet practically invisible wires then connect each eyelash to a custom PCB and a 3.3V watch battery (which lasts about four hours) attached to the back of your head by hair clips.

They're bright enough to be visible in daylight, too:

Pham is planning a Kickstarter later this summer. Check out their site flashesLEDlashes on Facebook.

F.Lashes: Interactive LED Eyelashes (YouTube / Hackster.io)