Jerry Seinfeld rejects Ke$ha's hug, funny people turn it into scenes from Seinfeld

People are having fun writing Seinfeld scenes for this incident that took place recently at some star-studded event.

From dinaodapp:

Jerry: "So I'm standing there talking to this reporter, answering his questions, you know, and this lady walks up like she knows me, and does this hugging motion!"

George: "Hugging motion? Who does that?!"

Jerry, nodding: "This lady apparently. And I'm thinking to myself Oh No, do I know this person? Is this that girl I dated last week? I can't remember her name!"

George: "Mulva, her name was Mulva. What was the hugging motion like? Was it like this?"

George comes at Jerry with open arms, just as Kramer barges into the apartment…

Kramer: puts down a live chicken "So Jerry. I hear you turned down Kesha."

Jerry and George together: "What's a Kesha?"

Kramer: gathering hats from Jerry's closet "What's a Kesha? What's a Kesha?! Wow, you're really out of touch Jerry." begins trying different hats on the chicken

Elaine enters

Elaine: "Hello boys. Uh, what's with the chicken?"

Kramer: "It's for the show tonight."

Elaine looks puzzled and brushes off the comment

Jerry: "So Elaine, what do you think about a woman just introducing herself with a hug?"

Elaine: "What kind of hug?"

Jerry: "You know, a full on hug. Both arms all the way around."

Elaine: "Do you know her?"

Jerry: "That's just it, I'm really not sure."

Elaine: "Well I think it's OK if you know her."

George: "I don't see why you're complaining. I wish more women would hug me."

Jerry: "Well if I knew that I knew her, I probably would have just hugged her".

Elaine: "Who do you maybe think it was?"

Jerry: "That girl… I was dating a couple of weeks ago…"

George: "Mulva"

Elaine: "Mulva? You mean the woman that looks like Kesha?"

Jerry, looking humorously perplexed and shrugging his shoulders: "Who is this Kesha?"

Kramer: "I can't believe you turned down Kesha. Where's your bowler hat Jerry??? You know I needed that bowler hat!"

The phone rings

Jerry: "Jerry here."

Jerry nods and mutters several "uh-huhs" then hang ups

Elaine: "Well? Who was it?"

Jerry, looking exasperated with hands in the air: "That was my new agent. He says he's booked a lunch meeting tomorrow with Kesha. Apparently she wants to work with me and thinks I'm the perfect spokesman for her new hat line."

George: "You reject a hug from Kesha and now you get to have lunch with her!?"

Kramer, with chicken still in hand: "Wait just a minute Jerry. You're saying that this Kesha has hats? Hats for your head? You've got to let me come with you to that lunch. I'll drive you."

Elaine: "Does your agent know you rejected her hug live on television?"

Jerry: "I… I don't think so. This could be very uncomfortable tomorrow"

George: "How tall is she?"

Elaine: "Maybe you could initiate a hug tomorrow, set things straight?"

Jerry: "No, not an option." Reaching for the phone "I'm calling my agent back, the meeting is off…"

George: "Off?"

Jerry: "It's OFF!"

Kramer: "Jerry, don't throw away this opportunity! This could be your big in! Your chance to finally make it! Plus you promised Little Pablo a bowler hat, and a bowler hat he shall have! Jerry, I'm begging you, don't cancel that meeting! This is KESHA we're talking about! And Little Pablo! Don't say no to Little Pablo…"

Jerry sighs and hangs up phone

Jerry: "Fine, I'll do the meeting but I'm not hugging!"

Kramer: "Aww, thanks buddy!" Waves with chicken wing

George: "So if there's no hug how are you going to greet her? Shake her hand?

Elaine: "If you rejected my hug on TV, I sure wouldn't shake your hand."

Jerry: "Yeah, I really gotta come up with something here."