"Little Bugs" video features this quirky animated figure

Ori Toor created this delightful animation for "Little Bugs," a new single by Marias.

Marias tels Booooooom:

I had been a fan of Ori's for a while and felt there was a strange parallel between his world of moving creatures stranded or suspended in an unknown space and the way the Little Bugs voice comes from that same sort of interior dislocated space. In both Ori's work and the song I felt a beauty, and expansiveness but also an unknown quality. I feel like the combination of the two brings a more symbolic, psychological reading to Ori's work — as if this growing creature of the video is a manifestation of the psychological baggage of someone moving through their life or even a representation of the actual metastatic co-dependent relationship the song describes.

Little Bugs (YouTube / Marias via Booooooom)