Wistful film of stop-motion 3D printed figures

Elodie Ponçon designed and printed these cute lighted figurines for WHITE, a wistful story about conformity and imperfection.

Here's a nice interview with the filmmaker in Femmes d'Anim (pardon my terrible translation):

What is your background?

Self-taught, I did not plan to train myself initially in the visual arts; I planned to be an interior architect. My passion was too strong, so I dropped everything to try my luck. From festivals to encounters, meetings in workshops, workshops in courses, I learned the craft slowly but surely, learning from the greatest and experimenting on my own. When the place and time were right, I took a position at Aardman, climbing step by step leading to my dream job as animator. After 3 years in the wonderful world of Wallace and Gromit, I decided to evolve and expand my experience in other studios on various projects in Europe. Always an animator, today I take advantage of downtime between jobs to finalize my personal projects.

❊ WHITE by Elodie Ponçon – Stop motion short ❊ (YouTube / Sève Films)