Popeyes coats fried chicken in cookie-crumbs, serves with jam

Popeyes is now serving a limited-time "Sweet and Tender" chicken dish that involves dredging nuggets of chicken slurry in shortbread-cookie dust, then serving it with high-fructose corn syrup jam. Read the rest

Arduino's "arm's-length" foundation is being run by CEO who lied about his degrees from MIT and NYU

When Federico Musto engineered a takeover of Arduino, open source hardware fans were nonplussed, and not least because Musto was caught lying about having received advanced degrees from MIT and NYU. Read the rest

Dog facebutts stationary truck

The dog is fine, reports owner Billy Hammonds, after being taken for a checkup at the vet. Read the rest

Sci-Fi Sundays: The Original Science Fiction Stories, March 1957

This is such a wonderful cover. The look on the lady's face, the ridiculous zero-G fighting, and the bullets in the ray-gun are all fantastic. As I was looking over all the details on this cover though, I began to see a different story.

Look at their clothing. The style is about what you'd expect from 50's science fiction, with tight boots and over-alls. Her outfit has some common traits from the 50's including a shape that lends itself to a bullet bra, and a waistline that looks impossible. That waistline is what shifts the narrative in my mind though. See all those dials and indicators? how the heck are you supposed to read those? Wait a sec! Those guys in the background are probably just reading each other's belts! That certainly makes her look a tiny bit more malicious with her hand-canon. 

Publication: The Original Science Fiction Stories

Issue: March 1957, volume: 7 No. 5 

Cover art: Emsh from Saturnalia

The table of contents states that there are illustrations from Emsh, Freas, and Orban. However, I don't see any stories that carry the illustrator credit for Kelly Freas. Usually there's a line on the title page somewhere. There are a number of illustrations in this issue that are simply uncredited, and at least one of them bears his obvious signature. 

The caption that goes along with this picture is "I saw the other side of the moon...". This is especially interesting to me. This statement seems so cute and silly, but the fact is, at that time it would be 11 more years before we finally orbited the moon! Read the rest

Gorgeously detailed Thai fruit carvings

The Instagram account Gakugakugakugakugaku1 is dedicated to celebrating the beautiful art of Thai fruit and vegetable carving. Here are a few of my favorite examples: Read the rest

Get a crash course on Alan Turing in just 13 minutes

From his career to his personal life to the machine and test named after him, Crash Course offers, well, a crash course on the father of computer science, Alan Turing. Read the rest

Make calls on the move easier with these noise-cancelling earbuds

If Apple’s AirPods are a bit too rich for your blood, or you know, you're an Android user, these discreet earbuds can be had for a fraction of the cost and will stay securely in place whether you're working out, commuting, or running between errands. Plus, with IPX4 water resistance, they can survive splashing water and sweat. Their noise- and echo-cancellation capabilities improve call quality as well as music playback, and they use the newest Bluetooth 4.2 to ensure a lag-free listening experience.

To keep your music playing through your work day, the included charging case gives over 8 hours of battery life, and each bud can run standalone for up to 4 hours at a time. Get a pair of HomeSpot AirBeans X True Wireless Earbuds here for just $54.99. Read the rest

Linux worm turns Raspberry Pis into cryptocurrency mining bots

Linux.MulDrop.14 is a Linux worm that seeks out networked Raspberry Pi systems with default root passwords; after taking them over and ZMap and sshpass, it begins mining an unspecified cryptocurrency, creating riches for the malware's author and handing you the power-bill. Read the rest

The Tories' failed £1.2m social smear ads reveal callouses on our attention’s tender spots

The UK election didn't deliver the increased majority that PM Theresa May was seeking, but it wasn't for lack of trying: the UK Conservative party spent £1.2m on social media smear ads that painted Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a terrorist sympathiser, a useful idiot for Scottish separatism, and an incompetent.