Watch bizarre video: United Airlines employee pushes 71-year-old to floor, leaves him motionless

This is such a bizarre video that just surfaced on YouTube of a United Airlines employee at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston pushing a 71-year-old man to the ground, and then walking away. The man, passenger Ronald Tigner, was left motionless on the ground as people walked past him.

Tigner, a Houston lawyer, had walked up to the employee, trying to get help with his boarding pass, which was illegible and therefore not allowing him to go through security checkpoint. He was hoping to get another boarding pass that was legible.

According to The Washington Post:

Tigner went back to the United ticketing area and tried once more to get a new ticket, the lawsuit states. Two United employees, Alejandro Anastasia and Ianthe Phillips-Allred, allegedly refused to help Tigner, laughing and cursing at him, the lawsuit states.

Tigner's attorney, William Hoke, told KPRC that when Tigner asked Anastasia for a new ticket, he replied with a smile, saying, "Can't you see I'm busy?"

Tigner then told Anastasia to "wipe that smile off your face," Hoke said, to which Anastasia responded with an obscenity.

Then, Anastasia "suddenly, unexpectedly and violently injured" Tigner, the lawsuit alleges.

After being pushed down to the ground, it took about a minute before someone finally helped him – and the good samaritan did not work for United Airlines. She was another passenger as well as a nurse.

In response to the video, United released a statement to KPRC saying it is "disturbed by the completely unacceptable behavior shown in a video of a customer and a former United employee." The employee is no longer with the company, according to the statement.

The incident happened two years ago, and Tigner is suing United for more than 1-million dollars. Interesting how physical violence at United Airlines towards their passengers is not a new trend.

According to KPRC, Anastasia was charged with a felony of injuring an elderly individual. He was fined, and ordered to apologize to Tigner and to attend anger-management classes.