LEGO Star Wars 'The Arrowhead' from the Freemaker Adventures

We've been having a lot of fun with LEGO Star Wars. When my daughter heard the Freemaker's new ship was available, she spent a day snapping bricks together!

LEGO Star Wars is pretty hilarious. Taking place bewteen Empire and Jedi, The Freemaker Adventures combine the lore of the Star Wars universe with all the cynicism and satire of LEGO. Vader is regularly humiliated.

The Freemakers are a family of working scavengers, with a typically cracked droid R0-gR. The Arrowhead is their new ship, built by Rowan and containing a heart of Khyber. I guess khyber crystals are our new midichlorians, and the LEGO folks are making hiliarious 'light' of it all.

My 10-year-old built this in a day, completely on her own, and loved it. Next up is a kit from Rebels. She wants The Phantom, largely for the Chopper and Kanan minifigs.

LEGO Star Wars The Arrowhead (75186) via Amazon