Oregon becomes first US state to issue nonbinary gender on IDs

Beginning in July, Oregon driver's licenses and state IDs will allow applicants to choose M, F, or X for their gender designation. This follows an open comment period where the overwhelming majority of commenters praised the proposed legislation.

Army veteran Jamie Shupe will be the first recipient in a policy change that could help up to one-third of all trans-identified people. Via The Oregonaian:

An estimated 20,000 Oregonians identify as transgender, according to The Williams Institute at the University of California-Los Angeles. A 2015 nationwide survey of 28,000 transgender people found that more than a third identified as neither male nor female. Since Shupe's win, judges in Polk and Benton counties have allowed transgender Oregonians to change their legal gender to neither male nor female.

Other countries including Australia and Pakistan allow citizens to choose outside a gender binary on legally recognized state-issued IDs.

Oregon becomes first state to allow nonbinary on drivers license (The Oregonian)