Waxed-cotton, waterproof "fighter pilot" jackets

I have a deadly weakness for clothes from Volante Design, the "streetwear for superheroes" company in Chicago whose jackets, coats and vests I've been wearing since I found them at a Comic-Con in 2014.

The company's just announced its first waterproof piece, "The Tracer," a waxed-cotton jacket "inspired by the fighter pilots of the 20s and 30s," available in women's and men's cuts, in three color schemes. They're taking pre-orders now for early July shipping.

This kind of design is total catnip for me — and waxed cotton is pretty much my favorite textile. As with all of Volante's designs, there's a lot of understated, thoughtful stuff going on with these jackets, from the contrasting panels and stitching to the collar strap and the fold-back cuffs.

(Thanks, Willow!)