Treasure trove of deep-sea specimens includes dongs of the deep

Australia's Sampling the Abyss project went 2.5 miles underwater 62 miles off the east coast of the continent, netting a treasure trove of delightful creatures, including a peanut worm that in Rob Zugaro's photo looks a lot like a…

Via Newsweek:

Scientists also found a "herd of sea pigs", little pink creatures that use their tube-like feet to move across the mud, hoovering up microorganisms as they go, and peanut worms, which look a lot like penises.

During the mission, scientists also found evidence of pollution at these great depths—raising concerns about the effects of manmade behavior on these far-flung ecosystems. "We have found [worrying] levels of rubbish on the seafloor," O'Hara said. "We're 100km (62 miles) off Australia's coast, and we have found PVC pipes, cans of paint, bottles, beer cans, woodchips and other debris from the days when steamships piled our waters. The seafloor has 200 years of rubbish on it."

And if that weren't revolting enough, some people eat them served in jelly.

'Faceless fish' scientists return with huge haul of weird sea creatures from marine abyss (Newsweek)