$28 Chinese app is a browser for insecure webcams

Chinese state media reports on a $28/RMB188 app that browses webcams whose default passwords haven't been changed, allowing subscribers to watch the goings-on in stores, living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, and anywhere a CCTV might be installed.

It's more than a front-end to the Shodan search-engine (itself a trove of badly secured webcams and other devices). Rather, it catalogs "hackable" webcams with bad passwords, known vulnerabilities, or unchanged default passwords, with 200-400 cams being added every day.

Lists of up to 200 to 400 compromised cameras and their login credentials are given away each day for free and downloaded by hundreds of people, CCTV reported.

The lists are given away for free, so as to market the software.

For $28, you can hack into a stranger's internet-enabled webcam

[Yi Shu Ng/Mashable]