Man can't wear shorts to work on hot day, so he abides by women's dress code instead

It was a scorching hot day in Buckinghamshire, UK when 20-year-old Joey Barge decided to wear a respectable navy pair of shorts to work. He knew he was pushing it, though, and tweeted this:

Shortly after the tweet he was sent home for going against the company's dress code, and was told to change before returning to work. Outraged, he went home and dressed in proper work attire – proper for women, that is.

Barge thought his company would bounce him back home again, but instead they questioned the color of his dress, and said he could change back into his shorts. Looks like his protest had a happy ending for every sweat-laden employee at the office. But on this particular day, Barge decided to remain in the dress.

Thanks Mashable!