ACLU releases video of brutal beating of motorist by enraged cop

In dashcam video posted by the ACLU, police officer Joe Joswiak pulls over Anthony Promvongsa, driving a dark SUV. Joswiak immediately approaches the vehicle screaming "get out of the car motherfucker!", with his gun drawn and posed sideways. Then he starts pounding and kicking at Promvongsa through the open car door — before Promvongsa seems to have a chance to do anything.

The inexplicably violent attack occurred on July 28, 2016. According to police reports, Promvoska "was attempting to pass" an off-duty officer and swerving aggressively, backup was called, and Joswiak spotted the vehicle first.

Promvongsa's attorney finds it odd that none of that was caught on any camera along the route. Audio is missing from much of Joswiak's dashcam recording, too, for no given reason — another officer is observed turning it off during the attack.

The ACLU contends the arrest was unnecessarily physical and should spur an internal investigation by the Worthington Police Department.

"Agent Joswiak claims Anthony refused his order to leave his car, but the video contradicts this assertion," the ACLU said in a statement. "Instead it shows a textbook case of excessive force."

"We are calling for an investigation of Agent Joswiak's behavior and for him to be held accountable for his brutal attack on Anthony Promvongsa, up to and including termination and prosecution," said Teresa Nelson, Executive Director of the ACLU of Minnesota.

"Thus far, Agent Joswiak has received no punishment for this abhorrent treatment of Anthony," she added. "This sends a message that the department condones the officer's behavior, which it should not."