Kintsugi: Chopstick rests made by fusing broken ceramics that washed ashore

Tomomi Kamoshita uses kintsugi to fuse ceramic shards recovered from the sea into beautiful chopstick rests. This handiwork is part of a series called "Gift From The Waves."

Works for forks, too. The work was inspired by the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami:

I created my works in the image of the word "revive" in the hope of reconstruction. Since the theme of the exhibition is "wave", I used the broken pieces of ceramic and glasses I picked up on the beach. Having been knocked by waves, those are nicely shaped and beautifully colored. Sakura-color pieces used in the work were taken from my previous work that had ended up broken. No matter what happens, sakura blooms gracefully in Spring. It is a symbol of revive. By uniting those ideas, I decided to make this work.

Gift From The Waves (via)