Reasons to switch to Firefox

I keep saying I'm going to de-Google my digital life, quitting services such as Gmail and software such as Chrome. So Joel Lee's recent article, 9 Reasons to Switch From Chrome to Firefox, lights a bit of a fire under my feet. In précis: everything bad about Firefox from a few years back is fixed, and now it is Chrome that is bad.

1. Firefox Is Better for Battery Life

2. Firefox Is Better for Tab-Heavy Users

3. Firefox Knows It's Just a Browser

4. Firefox Embraces the Open Source Mindset

5. Firefox Actually Cares About Privacy

6. Firefox Allows More Customization

7. Firefox Supports Chrome Extensions

8. Firefox Boasts Unique Extensions

9. Firefox Can Do What Chrome Can (Mostly)

To which I add 10: Fuck AMP.

The guide also points out where Chrome remains superior: the web inspector's better, it's more polished, complex web apps tend to work better in it because they're targeted at it, and of course it integrates well with Google's other services.