Crowdfunding a visit from the 180,000lb Temple of Gravity at this year's Burning Man

Zach Coffin's amazing Temple of Gravity installations involve suspending enormous masses of stone and other heavy objects in exquisitely counterbalanced mechanisms that allow people to scramble over them, move them, swing them, and toss them around like playthings, moving tons of mass with pounds of force.

Coffin is crowdfunding to bring a the Temple to this year's Burning Man: a 180,000-pound sculpture! He needs $10K to "dismantle the piece, ship the entire structure from Palm Springs to Oakland (which requires four tractor trailers!), sandblast each component down to bare metal, galvanize the raw steel, acid etch it, and then ship the piece from Oakland to the Black Rock Desert."

I'm pitching in.

The Temple of Gravity's 60-foot diameter steel dome is made up of 5 arms, and suspended from each of these arms is a 15,000-pound granite stone slab, which yes, you can climb on. If you've seen this impressive piece before, then you know the treat you're in for! If you haven't seen it yet, then get excited – you're going to love it!

Burning Man has graciously given us an honorarium grant… However, this grant will only be able to cover a portion of our costs, which is why we need your help in order to bring this incredible piece back to the playa!

Temple of Gravity – Burning Man 2017
[Zach Coffin/Hatchfund]