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Watch 'Jaws' with your feet dangling in the water

Here's an immersive experience that you can truly, well, get immersed in: JAWS on the water. With dates from now until the end of July, you can watch any one of the Jaws movies while sitting on an inner tube on Lake Travis at Volente Beach Water Park in Leander, Texas.

Cue the scary music…Duh nuhDuh nuh

Imagine relaxing on an inner tube with a cold drink in hand on a perfect Texas summer night, your feet languidly dangling in the calm Lake Travis water. Now imagine you're also watching the greatest thriller ever made, projected across the water while unknown terrors threaten from the watery depths…

Birth.Movies.Death.Events, along with Fandango and Alamo Drafthouse, are hosting this perfectly terrifying summer happening. Tickets are $55 and includes dinner (which, oddly enough, isn't seafood).