The rules of brainstorming, according to top design firm IDEO

I work at home, alone for the most part, which means I rarely have the opportunity to be involved in a good brainstorming session. That's a shame because I absolutely love the process. One idea leads to another one and suddenly the room is filled with amazing creative energy and things "to do."

So, as you can imagine, I thought it was cool to see this list come up in my feed, design firm IDEO's seven "Brainstorming Rules":

1. Defer judgement

2. Encourage wild ideas

3. Build on the ideas of others

4. Stay focused on the topic

5. One conversation at a time

6. Be visual

7. Go for quantity

Good stuff.

Over at IDEO U, the firm's online school for design thinking, they've gone a little deeper on how to be the most effective with brainstorming. This video they made does a good job showing how their techniques work in action:

Thanks, Catie Magee!