Make nearly any flavor of chewing gum, in your microwave

Ever thought to make chewing gum at home? Neither had I. Well, not until I saw this tutorial by gum chef (I made this title up) Clifford Endo. In it, he shares his recipe for making artisanal chewing gum in the microwave.

He writes:

Chewing gum is cheap, I get that. So why make it yourself? I get that, too. But think of all the possibilities that come with creating your own flavors: lemongrass, basil, lemon, and yes, bitters. Even reducing port or cocktails down to a syrup could be full-on cocktail flavored gum: This is just the base, the ideas are endless.

The process seems straightforward enough and I like that you can flavor the gum most anyway you desire.

I would think you could even try to make one that tastes like a three-course meal. But, you know, just be careful…