Protect your noggin with this Hello Kitty earthquake hood

Here's something you don't see every day: a Hello Kitty earthquake hood. I mean, I know that Sanrio will put Kitty White (her full name) on just about anything but I didn't know that earthquake hoods even existed.

In Japan schoolgirls keep special fire-proof "disaster hoods" at the desks to protect their heads in case a major earthquake strikes. The standard cute bousai zukin just got cuter with this design from Sanrio, the makers of Japan's favorite cat character! Yes, the Hello Kitty Earthquake Hood will make head protection for young girls as sweet as it can be.

Decorated with Kitty-chan and a host of other characters and items from the kawaii world of Sanrio, this pink earthquake hood will not only provide life-saving protection, it will also reassure your child with its fun and cute look.