Theresa May says she won't address climate change at the G20 summit

When the Tories led the UK into its disastrous Brexit referendum, the Conservative cheering squad of Westminster right-wing thinktanks immediately celebrated the impending "wide-ranging … revolution on a scale similar to that of the 1980s" that included "removing unnecessary regulatory burdens on businesses, such as those related to climate directives and investment fund[s]."

Now, as interim Prime Minister Theresa May heads to the G20 summit to discuss Britain's future with its dwindling pool of allies, she's announced that climate change will not be on her agenda, especially as she meets with climate-denier Donald Trump.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Green campaigners reacted angrily to the Government's exclusion environmental issues from its key priorities, demanding richer G20 nations follow the example of less developed countries committing to clean energy by 2050.

It comes after the Government was repeatedly taken to court over its air quality plan and amid concern that a long-awaited 25-year environment plan has been shelved by Ms May.

Climate change not an objective for UK at G20 as Theresa May meets Donald Trump
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