This family announces their overseas move, in 4-part harmony

This might well be the cutest darn thing I've seen in a long while.

In four-part harmony, the Muller family –Thor, Amy, Tesla, and Quinn– shared some big news. In their self-produced music video, they announced their move out of San Francisco and into the Netherlands.

Thor, the dad, wrote on Facebook, "We have a life-changing announcement to share. It's so big, we're doing it in song. 'Cause that's how the Mullers roll."

The nearly-four minute video titled "Going Dutch" starts, "We're moving… We're not moving to the Presidio or Oakland or Stockton." They then go on to list all the wonderful sights and tastes this cross-continental move to Amsterdam will afford them.

And, one thing they will be giving up, "We are trading in our gun rights for healthcare and Heineken."

Best wishes to you all on your new adventure!