Nigel Farage gave Steve Bannon a painting in which Bannon is Napoleon

A New York Magazine profile of racist media kingpin and White House Pepe-tender Steve Bannon reveals that his office sports a framed mashup of Jacques-Louis David's 1812 painting "The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries" with Bannon's head in place of the Emperor Napoleon.

The painting was a gift from UKIP racist kingpin Nigel Farage.

Both men are former finance industry executives who style themselves as men of the people, on the side of the little guy against the fatcat.

Attack, Attack, Attack
[Joshua Green/New York Magazine]

Report: Steve Bannon Owns Painting of Himself as Napoleon, After David
[Andrew Russeth/Art News]

(via Naked Capitalism)

(Image: Donkey Hotey, CC-BY)