Majority of Republicans think higher education is bad for America

58% of "right-leaning Americans" believe that colleges and universities "have a negative effect on the country"; only 36% of Republican-leaning voters support higher education.

Both figures come from a Pew poll. Both are up from last year.

No wonder Donald Trump campaigned with the winning slogan, "I love the poorly educated."

Republican disdain for colleges and universities climbs as you move further right on the spectrum: Whereas 43 percent of moderates believe higher education is harming the country, a whopping 65 percent of conservatives are against it. Interestingly, Republicans who never attended or finished college think it's better for the country than those who actually went: 37 percent of Republicans with high school educations or some college education support higher education, compared with 32 percent of college graduates, and 35 percent of folks who finished a postgrad program.

Most Republicans Think College Is Ruining America
[Drew Schwartz/Vice]

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