Tory MP suspended for using the n-word in Brexit debate

Anne Marie Morris is the Conservative Party MP for Newton Abbott, Devon; while on a panel at a Eurosceptic meeting in Central London, she described the UK leaving the EU without a deal as a "real n*****r in the woodpile," a phrase that refers to enslaved Africans and African-Americans hiding from vengeful bounty hunters after escaping from the white people who'd enslaved them.

Morris was on the panel at the East India Club in St James Square, organised by the Politeia group — (which bills itself as "a forum for social and economic thinking") with two other Tory MPs, Bill Cash and John Redwood, neither of whom took any notice of the casual use of the racial slur.

Morris has been suspended from the Conservative Parliamentary caucus, reducing the party's already slim majority to a mere 12 votes, including members of the reactionary, young-Earth-Creationist, HIV-denying DUP.

The Eurosceptic movement is riddled with racism. A UKIP politician once referred to the countries that receive UK foreign aid as Bongo Bongo Land.

A Conservative spokesman said: "We are aware of these reports, this kind of language is completely unacceptable, and we are urgently investigating."

Last month, days before the general election, Ms Morris distanced herself from comments made by her partner and agent Roger Kendrick who claimed "that the crisis in education was due entirely to non-British born immigrants and their high birth rates".

The comment was made from the audience at an election hustings. Anne Marie Morris later told a local website: "I don't share the views expressed by Roger Kendrick."

Theresa May's majority is reduced further after she suspends MP for using phrase 'n—-r in the woodpile'
[Christopher Hope and Laura Hughes/Telegraph]

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