Guy gets super-high on ayahuasca, gets cosmic woodworking instructions

Chris Isner was a regular guy until an ayahuasca trip gave him clear instructions on creating a trippy style of bas relief wood sculptures.

Says Chris:

This work began deep in the Amazon Rainforest where I was cured by native healers several years ago. Their ghastly plant brew administered night after night contained the most powerful visionary substances known to man, producing experiences from the sublime to the utterly terrifying. Visions swarmed the jungle's screaming night as I sat gaping goggle-eyed, vomit drool hanging from my lip, the shaman's song blasting my mind apart, and he wasn't a man at all but an enormously serpentine undulation studded with a thousand kaleidoscopic eyes! One vision in particular was like a YouTube tutorial from some bizarre alternate universe: timeless hands using ancient technique to form a wooden bowl, revealing gorgeous textures, as the faces of primordial entities morphed and twisted through legions of iterations.

Isnervision (via Mihai Dragomirescu)