China is selling "anti-pervert" flamethrowers that fit in a handbag

These sleek, diminutive flamethrowers cost between $13 and $30 and are for sale online. Any person who makes an untoward advance at a potential victim is likely to have second thoughts after experiencing the device's 3,300 degree Fahrenheit, 20-inch jet of flame.

From The Telegraph:

[O]ne vendor boasted to local media how they can "scald or even disfigure an attacker."

Another vendor told The Beijing Youth Daily they "can leave a permanent scar, but are a legal, non-lethal tool. Not a weapon." Chinese police have warned that the devices are against the law, but they were still being sold on the Chinese Internet on Tuesday.

"Flames and the super high temperatures are enough to scare the bad guys away," said one website, which added that the flames can last for 30 minutes. "At that crucial moment, you could also become an anti-terror SWAT," said another.

Fortunately, bad people don't know about these.

Thanks, Matthew!