'Legacy,' a short film from Eric Mittleman

Watch our longtime Boing Boing TV collaborator Eric Mittleman's short film, 'Legacy.'

It's free to screen online at YouTube and Vimeo, and has been running on-board Virgin America flights, where Eric and I produce the Boing Boing channel full of wonderful videos.

About 'Legacy,' Eric tells us,

This short film came to life in part because of the encouragement and support from my friends at Boing Boing. It is a cautionary tale about our personal and social media data and what can be done with it when it is a little too accessible. The cast consists of Sean Young (Bladerunner), Joshua LeBar (Entourage), Alice Hunter (Another Period) and Claudia Graf (Love & Mercy). Today is the first day that it is presented for free via YouTube and Vimeo. I am very grateful to everyone who worked hard with me on this. I am also grateful to be able to share it here on Boing Boing and I hope you enjoy it.