Watch pink legless lizards, mysterious dongs of the desert

The dongs of the deep have nothing on the hearty Mexican mole lizard, aka dongs of the desert.

If they could talk, they would shake their tiny lizard fists in rage and say "I NOT SNEK OR WURM!" Via Strange Animals:

Similar to earthworms, their underground movement is performed by means of peristalsis (symmetrical contraction) of the segments. They have strong and paddle-like forelegs, with five small but well-developed claws on each limb. Over the course of time, their hind legs have greatly disappeared and are only visible via X-rays as vestigial structures.They are slow and clumsy animals, sometimes swinging around their front legs in an overhand swimming type of motion. The forelimbs are sometimes used to assist in locomotion.

Bizarre 'Legless' Lizard Has T-Rex Arms (YouTube / National Geographic)