To attract customers, Toronto hotel removes the TRUMP name

As I wrote about last month, the hotelier who operates the Toronto property bearing Trump's name was desperate enough to get shut of it that they had bid millions for the right to change the name of the hotel.

They did it. The hotel is now called The Adelaide Hotel Toronto, and will change its name to "St Regis" once all indications of Trump involvement had been purged.

Trump doesn't really build anything: he just licenses his name to go on things that other people build, because those people want to attract the kinds of customers who want to live in a papier-mache version of dynastic Louis XIV wealth, skinned with fake gold leaf.

Major news broke earlier this year, when it was announced that the property had been sold for $298 million. Since then, it has been announced that the project will be retrofitted and reopened under Marriott's high-end St. Regis brand, with the project being known as 'The Adelaide Hotel Toronto' until the St. Regis conversion is completed. One of the first steps in the retrofit is the removal of the highly-visible TRUMP logo from the tower's mechanical penthouse level, which is currently underway.

TRUMP Signage Being Removed from Adelaide Hotel
[Jack Landau/Urban Toronto]

(Thanks, Damien!)