Boing Boing readers among web's most educated

Quantcast just released statistics that confirm what we've known all along: Boing Boing readers are super-smart, ranking among the top 25 "highest percentage of web traffic with higher education."

Lots of other interesting tidbits in the detailed report, Via Sean Kilcullen:

Using a combination of direct measurement and inferential statistical models, we're able to determine the gender, age, income, and education makeup of a website's traffic. We're asked so frequently which websites are the best place to reach niche audiences, such as millennials or parents, that we decided to create a definitive ranking for each group. We turned to our data set to find out which websites drew the most male, female, millennial, senior, parent, wealthy and educated audiences.

IMHO, this should have been published at Just head over to the comments for the best and wittiest users on the web.

Ranking Websites by Demographics (Quantcast via Fark)