Defcon's hotel business-center won't print from links or USBs

Defcon, the hacker and security conference, is coming to Caesar's Palace this weekend (I'm speaking!), and that means that the hotel needs to start thinking hard about the security of its systems, likely to be targeted both in earnest (by people who want to spy on attendees) and in jest (by attendees who want to prank their fellows by announcing that they've compromised everyone's systems).

That's why the UPS business center at Caesar's has announced that it will only accept print-jobs as email attachments, and not as links or via USB sticks.

It's a reasonable mitigating measure, but of course, dodgy attachments have their own (often severe) problems.

Andy Thompson, a.k.a. @R41nM4kr has offered a solid list of security basics for those heading to Las Vegas this week. His blog post covers several topics, including the following for those concerned about internet usage:

Internet access and connectivity:

Unless absolutely necessary for a job function, disable Wi-Fi.

Disable Bluetooth on your computer and phone.

Disable NFS connectivity on your phone and computer.

If Wi-Fi is absolutely required, ONLY use your own provided Wi-Fi. I used a JetBack/MiFi and connect ONLY to that device.

Always use a VPN as soon as you obtain Wi-Fi access.

Do NOT plug any network cable into the laptop.

Do not plug any USB storage devices (hard drives, sticks, network adapters, Raspberry Pi's, etc.) into the laptop or phone.

Las Vegas UPS Store makes risk adjustments due to DEF CON
[Steve Ragan/CSO]