Lockdown tool prevents ladders from kicking out

Ladder lockdown is a metal tray with super-grippy patches on its underside; set it down on any surface (including ice!) and then set your ladder's feet in the tray and cinch it in place and the ladder won't "kick out" and injure you and your loved ones.

There's also removable spikes for use on sand, lawns, etc.

Ladders are surprisingly lethal (I speak from my own clumsy, near-death experience) so this gadget looks potentially very useful.

The original Ladder Lockdown saddle was invented by Troy Kumprey in December of 2015 after one of his employees fell from a ladder. Troy is a father, husband, son, brother, and the owner of TKO painting in Southern California. He has a team of hard working and dedicated guys who put their lives at risk every day to get their jobs done right. Troy knew that if he didn’t think about his teams safety, no one else would. He began playing around with prototypes in hopes of creating a device that would keep his team safer on their ladders, and going home to their families after each day on the job site.

Ladder Lockdown