World's oldest smiley face drawing found on a jug from 1700 BCE

Archaeologists excavating a Hittite city on the border of Turkey and Syria found a broken jug that, upon restoration, revealed a smiley face. At 3,700-years-old, it could be the oldest smiley face drawing ever found. From Smithsonian:

According to ​Zuhal Uzundere Kocalar​ at Turkey's state-run news service, the Anadolu Agency, the researchers did not notice the smiley face until restorers put the fragments of the round, off-white jug with a small handle and short neck back together.

"We have found a variety of cubes and urns. The most interesting of them is a pot dating back to 1700 BC that features an image of a 'smile' on it," Nicolo Marchetti, an archaeology professor at the University of Bologno in Italy, tells Kocalar. "The pot was used for drinking sherbet [sweet drink]. Most probably, [this depicts] the oldest smile of the world."